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Titan 300 EC delivery to St Francis

Titan 300 EC delivery to St Francis

BY Ernie Magson – JULY 2015

Leaving Gordon's Bay harbour at 06h00 in the morning on such a beautiful day – fuelled up and ready to go – we traveled at an average speed of 22 knots burning only 58 L/hr. Took us a total of 12 hours to reach our first stop Mossel Bay harbour where filled up with fuel there ready for the next morning.


Departed Mosselbay at 07h00. Leaving the harbour we could do 42 knots!! That's how awesome the conditions was. Not long after we had to get right down to 18 knots due to major choppy conditions. Going through some rough stuff on the stretch from Witsand to Stilbaai, some places down to 15 knots, "and this is unheard of in a Titan 300!!"

We decided to go into Knysna for some breakfast, obviously having a good look at KNYSNA HEADS from the back we decided to go for it. Cruising in through the heads was truly amazing seeing it for the first time myself from a boat's eye view.

The condition in the lagoon was like glass – just some rain. Called into the harbour master who gave us permission to enter and dock in his harbour. Listening to the harbour master saying it was not the ideal situation to go through the Heads was not quit what we wanted to hear, but we were here know and we couldn't postpone the delivery! So. When reaching the heads after breakfast we had to plan and count very carefully to see when is the best break to go back out. Thank GOD all went well going over some 3-5m swells. We made it safely. You can see some of the action on the video clip.

From there on we were doing an average speed of about 20 knots. Having a Garmin autopilot really made this trip much more comfortable, I must say. The stretch from Plett to Cape St Francis was really the longest piece of the trip for me. Approaching the Harbour of St Francis was a good satisfactory feeling, delivering the Titan 300 EC to her new owner's preferred harbour.

I will recommend to every future owner of a Titan 300 EC to do this trip or similar. Cost-wise it is not cheap but a truly amazing experience aboard this amazing vessel "Sir Reel".

Total distance travelled: 340 N/miles in 19 hours. Total fuel used: 990 litres. Average fuel burn of 2.9 L / Mile. Not bad taking in consideration the conditions on most parts of the voyage.

Thank you to the awesome Magson Marine team for a successful delivery. Hope the new owner will be very happy for many years to come.

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